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User Portal Guide

In this article, we demonstrate how users can navigate and interact with the online User Portal. The platform is entirely web based and supports all modern web browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari. In this platform, users can be assigned training courses and those who are successful can benefit from additional rewards such as certifications and badges!

1. Login to your cyberawaresecurity profile:

2. As you can see, at the top of the page you can find related training information such as total courses, progress, time spent and so on.

3. Under the training information, you can find the available courses and their status:

4. From the following option, you may change the language for your profile’s interface:

5. The changes are applied instantly:

6. Select the three dots option next to your avatar. From there you can navigate to your Profile or Logout:

7. Alternatively, you can do this from your “name” button placed on the right-upper corner:

8. Let’s visit the profile page (My Profile):

You can check and verify your details, but for changes you will have to reach out to your department’s responsible admin.

9. Go back to the Home page using the following button:

10. From the menu on the left, we can see some account details and achievements such as Email, Level and Points:

11. Right beneath these account details, we can see the certifications we have earned so far with this user account. Let’s click on the “cloud” button next to one of them so we can download it:

12. If the pdf file is downloaded, go ahead and open it in order to view your certification. It should look like this:

13. Return to the platform and scroll down a bit further to find your obtained badges:

14. Finally, if you have available active courses for training (assuming you have not completed them), you will be able to either start or resume them:

15. Click on any of them. You should expect a similar output to this:

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