Course Catalogue

Course Catalogue Guide

In this article, we help you navigate through the Course Catalogue. You can combine courses you like into a training campaign and distribute them throughout the whole personnel to raise your organisation’s level of cybersecurity awareness.

1. Navigate to Course Catalogue to view the available courses:

2. You may search for the course you are looking for through the search, filter the output based on the category, or based on language:

3. For example, when filtering the output based on Essentials category and English language, this is the result we get:

4. You can view more than 10 entries in a single page by clicking on the drop-down list:

5. Moreover, you can modify the way the courses are listed by clicking on the button on the right upper corner:

6. Finally, let’s click on the Lesson 1-L1: Identifying the Need for Security course to read further details about it. The course details will open on a new web browser window showing the course card. You can click on the Continue button to see the course contents.

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