Two-Factor Authentication Guide

Two-Factor Authentication Guide

In this article, we demonstrate how a user of the admin portal can secure their account through the Login Info & Security section by enabling the two-factor authentication option.

1. Navigate to Login Info & Security:

2. Go ahead and select the Two-Factor Authentication option:

You should get the following output:

3. As shown below, you can Download Codes to save the generated recovery codes for that profile in a txt file format:

4. To proceed, you will need to download the Authenticator application via Google Play or the App Store:

5. From the now installed Google Authenticator, select to Scan a QR code and hover your smartphone over the generated QR code found on your computer screen to complete the scan process.

6. A 6-digit code will be generated in your application. Enter that code into the indicated text box and click on Verify:

7. As expected, the code has been verified!

8. Select the Complete Setup button to conclude the process:

9. On the confirmation prompt that pops up, select to Confirm or Cancel accordingly.

10. If you’ve confirmed the action, click OK to proceed:

11. Now that we’ve set up the 2-factor authentication, let’s put things to the test. Sign out or navigate to your cyberawaresecurity portal:

12. From the login page, enter your credentials and press on the Sign in button:

You will be prompted to enter a two-factor authentication code:

13. Once again, enter the code generated in your application and click on Confirm:

14. To disable the Two-Factor Authentication settings, navigate back to the Login Info & Security section and click on the available Disable Two-Factor Authentication option:

15. Select Disable or Cancel accordingly:

16. On the last prompt, click OK to finalise.

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