Session Timeout

Session Timeout Guide

In this article, we demonstrate how an admin of the CYBERAWARE SECURITY platform can secure further their organisation by setting up a Session Timeout for the users (administrators) and students (recipients) through the Login Info & Security section. It is important for all users to spend the least amount of time exposed on the Internet while inactive!

1. Navigate to Login Info & Security:

2. Go ahead and select the Session Timeout option:

You should get the following output:

3. The User session essentially refers to the admins’ timeout session policy. In general, we would suggest that you set the ideal time of 15 minutes for more security.

Although many options are available, the minimum time to set is 5 minutes while the maximum possible is 24 hours.

4. As expected, you can change the Students session timer to apply the corresponding settings on the recipients’ portal.

5. Click on Save to apply your changes:

Whenever we set a session timeout, there’s the time window of said timer where if a user would not interact with the platform in any way, they will be logged out automatically.

6. From the confirmation prompt that pops up, click on OK to proceed as expected:

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