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View Only User Guide

In this article, we exhibit the capabilities of the View Only user role. Guidelines for creating such user, as well as comparison between the roles are provided. This role can be managed through the User Management section of the CYBERAWARE SECURITY and can be given to personnel that should only be able to view and draw results from the admin portal.

1. Navigate to User Management:

2. Go ahead and create a New User:

You should get the following output:

3. Enter the details for the user you would like to create and click on the drop-down list to select his/her Role:

Each role provides different capabilities in the platform and should be distributed proportionally in accordance with their duties.

4. In this case, we should select View Only:

5. Click on Create to finally create that user:

6. As we can see, the View Only user has been registered successfully!

7. To grasp the role differences, let’s view this from both perspectives. For this example, we will be comparing the view only and admin users’ point of view of the platform:

We can distinguish that both ADMIN and STUDENT PORTAL sections are not available for the view only user.

8. Following with a few more examples showcasing the differences. In Login Info & Security section:

Support Access button does not exist.

9. When it comes to Email Campaigns:

Delete and New Campaign button do not exist.

10. When visiting a recipient profile, all functionality buttons are hidden:

To learn more about recipients, please visiting the following link.

11. Finally, creating, editing, and deleting options for Groups are unavailable:

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