Phishing Admin

Phishing Admin User Guide:

In this article, we exhibit the capabilities of the Phishing Admin user role. Guidelines for creating such user, as well as comparison between the roles are provided. This role can be managed through the User Management section of the CYBERAWARE SECURITY and can be given to personnel that should only be able to create Email Campaigns from the admin portal.

1. Navigate to User Management:

2. Go ahead and create a New User:

You should get the following output:

3. Enter the details for the user you would like to create and click on the drop-down list as shown bellow:

4. Choose Phishing Admin:

5. Select the Create button to create that user:

6. As we can see, the Phishing Admin user has been registered successfully!

7. Let’s view this from the other perspective comparison Examples to demonstrate:

8. Following with a few more examples of changes. Login Info and this.

9. This user role can create Groups and Recipients, create Email Templates and Landing pages, schedule/create Phishing and USB Campaigns and export Reports.

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