Student Notifications

Student Notifications Guide

In this article, we explain how you can manage and customise Student Notifications. Notifications are sent to students regarding major events, such as account creation and participation in training campaigns organised by their company.

1. Navigate to the Student Notifications section of the portal:

2. Click on the SMTP Configuration button to choose which SMTP profile will be used to send the email notifications.

You can use any of your customised SMTP sending profiles, but if you have not created one yet, you can always use the one called System that is provided by default.

3. For this example, we will use the default system profile since we have not yet created a custom one.

If you wish to learn more on how to set up a custom SMTP profile, click on this link and it will guide you to the appropriate article.

4. To enable any of the available notifications, just click on the button next to them:

5. Click on Save to apply the changes:

6. As we can see, the settings have been updated!

7. It is advised that you always have the Account Creation notification enabled. The reason behind this is simply that the email notification sent to the users will contain their initial credentials to access the user portal.

8. Let’s preview one of the available notifications. When clicking on the Preview option of a notification, it will be displayed on the browser exactly as how it would appear in the actual email.

9. Finally, you have the ability to customise any template available, but you will have to use some HTML coding.

10. To do so, click on the Customise template option:

For further instructions on how to appropriately use the platform’s HTML editor tools to customise your templates, please follow this link to our article.

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