Dashboard Guide

In this article, we explain the different aspects of the Dashboard section in the admin portal. It gives us a summary and a general understanding of what is taking place on the platform regarding email campaigns, risk, training results, etc.

1. Navigate to Dashboard:

2. As we can distinguish, the Dashboard window is split into many parts. The first part shows general details about the training campaigns along with a phishing failure overview.

3. You are actually able to click on the phishing failure graph and navigate to any phishing campaign that took place periodically:

To learn more about email campaigns, click on the following link.

4. The second part presents general details about the phishing email campaigns in the form of graphs:

5. The next part of the Dashboard displays the highest risk recipients identified in the platform with the help of the risk algorithm:

6. Click on the View All button to observe the Risk Report for the top 20 riskier recipients of the portal:

For further information about risk reports, follow this link to reach the appropriate article.

7. We can also open the profile of any recipient listed. To do that, let’s go ahead and click on one of these records:

If you wish, you can navigate to the Recipients article through this link.

8. The last bit of the Dashboard shows the latest email campaigns used to evaluate the risk score of the organisation:

9. Click on the drop-down list to view more than 10 entries in a single page:

10. Select the button shown in the following image to view either of the current campaigns.

11. Click on the View All button to visit the Email Campaigns section.

You can now view all of the available email campaigns:

12. Finally, you can tap on the trash can button next to a campaign in order to delete it:

13. On the confirmation prompt that pops up, click OK to finalise or Cancel to reject the action.

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