Support Access

Support Access Guide

In this article, we provide a few simple steps to enable or disable the feature called Support Access. You will find this utility very useful in case you face any technical difficulties while using our platform. By enabling it, you essentially grant ICSI authorisation to access your portal and an agent will be able to confirm and fix any issues. To make this procedure as efficient as possible, please contact us at stating the issue, so we can directly target it and get back to you with an update.

1. Navigate to Login Info & Security:

2. Go ahead and select the Support Access option:

3. To temporarily allow ICSI access to your workspace, click on the Grant Access button:

4. From the prompt that pops up, we can see that the duration for such access will last for 7 days.

5. If you wish to proceed, press on the Confirm button:

6. Select Confirm or Cancel accordingly:

7. If you’ve confirmed the action, click OK to proceed.

8. As we can see, remote access has been successfully granted!

9. You can manually disable remote access from your portal using the following indicated button:

10. On the confirmation prompt that pops up, select Disable or Cancel accordingly.

11. Once again, click OK to finalise.

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