Getting Started

Getting Started Guide

In this article, we provide you with the first steps you should follow to efficiently use CYBERAWARE SECURITY and its tools. This is essentially an introductory guidance that will enable you to establish the foundation needed prior to testing and utilising the functionalities of the platform.

1. As a first step, it is a must that a whitelisting of our mail servers is in place as long as you are using our default SMTP servers. This will ensure that emails within the scope of student notifications or Email Campaigns targeting your company will not be regarded as spam/junk. If your organisation is using Microsoft 365, please refer to our article called Microsoft 365 Whitelist. Otherwise, please have a look at our Whitelist IPs and Domains article as it provides the appropriate hostnames and IPs for whitelisting.

2. As a next, you will have to add some Authorised Domains that you own and exist under your DNS server. If the configuration is successful and the platform recognises them as verified legitimate domains, it will allow you to initiate and perform training and email campaigns.

3. Now, it is time to enable the Student Notifications. This feature is responsible for sending out certain email formats to recipients when specific events are triggered. Such events can be the creation of their CYBERAWARE SECURITY accounts or their assignment to Training Campaigns. As mentioned earlier, for the notifications you can always use your own custom SMTP Profiles or just settle with the default one we provide.

4. Last but not least, to actually perform any sort of campaign and distribute the necessary courses or emails, you will need to add the intended targets. Anyone (explicitly within your organisation) can be a recipient, as long as they are required to enhance their cybersecurity awareness or be tested against their phishing detection skills. Click on this link to learn further information regarding recipients.

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