Group Reports Guide

Group Reports Guide

In this article, we go over all the available options of the Group Reports. It contains all group-oriented reports like the report card, the riskiest groups and the training time and phish prone by groups.

1. Navigate to Reports:

2. Select the GROUP REPORTS:

You should get the following output:

3. Let’s view the first option called Group Report Card. To do this, press on the View Report button next to it:

A report card will look like this:

In essence, the report card shares all information you would normally look for in a Group profile, but without further functionality.

4. You can choose a specific group from the drop-down list to view its Report Card.

As an example:

5. You may download the report for your own use. Just click on Export PDF:

It will essentially export a snapshot of the report into a PDF file format:

6. You can always visit a recipient’s profile by clicking on their name:

To learn more about recipients, click on the following link.

7. Furthermore, you can navigate to a course by clicking on their name:

To learn more about course content, click on the Course Catalogue article.

8. Alternatively, click on the Go Back button to return to the previous directory:

9. Let’s move on to the next option of the Group Reports called Riskiest Groups:

10. As with PDF, click on Export Excel to download the report for your own use:

11. Just like with recipient profiles and courses, we can click on a Group to view its stats.

12. Moving on to the third option of the Group Reports called Training Time by Group:

This report includes a graph and a table, which demonstrate the individual training activity of groups over time. It can help you distinguish the most dedicated/efficient group of employees within your organisation.

13. Additionally, we can filter the graph to draw specific results. To do that, just click on any of the available filtering values:

In this example, we are filtering out the Solo Group value:

14. Finally, let’s visit the last report called Phish Prone by Group:

As we can see, this section provides a graph along with a table, and they display campaign statistics such as the number of recipients targeted by the campaigns, the campaigns’ phish prone percentages and more.

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