User Management

User Management Guide

In this article, we explain the process of User Management for admins. If you are assigned the admin role, you will be able to create and edit various user profiles (that have the role of a simple user or admin) that have access to the admin portal:

1. You can view more than 10 entries in a single page by clicking on the drop-down list:

2. To edit an existing user, press on the pencil symbol:

You should get the following output:

3. Make the changes you would like and click on Save changes or Close accordingly:

4. As we can see, the user administrator has been updated successfully!

5. To create a new user, press on the indicated button shown in the following image:

You should get the following window:

6. Fill the details for the user you would like to create.

7. Furthermore, you can alter the role for that user. To do that, click on the button shown below:

That role would be either User or Admin:

8. At the end, please do not forget to select Create to create the user or Close if you wish to exit without creating the user.

9. With that being said, let’s make an example:

10. As we can see from the following screenshot, the new user has been registered successfully!

11. To archive an existing user, click on the trash can button:

12. You should receive a message, essentially asking you to confirm your action. Click Archive or Cancel accordingly.

13. On the final prompt, click OK.

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