Authorised Domains

Authorised Domains Guide

In this article, we explain the process of adding Authorised Domains as an admin on the admin portal. This will allow you to issue training and phishing campaigns for your users, using email addresses that derive from such domains.


Before adding a domain, ensure that the requirements below are met:

  • You own the domain.

  • You can whitelist emails sent to the domain.

  • You can add a TXT record for the authorised domain to the DNS server.

1. Click on the drop-down list to view more than 10 entries in a single page:

2. Click on the following button to create a new authorised domain:

You should expect the following output:

3. Fill the details required and select Close or Save changes:

4. For this example, we will be using a domain called

You should receive a similar prompt with a unique txt record for verification:

All the information is provided accordingly, but for security purposes, they are hidden in these images.

5. As mentioned in the image above, create a txt record for your corresponding domain in your DNS provider.

6. To do that, open a new window and access your DNS. From there, select the Add Record and set the Record Type to TXT Record:

7. Then, paste your unique txt record in the text box:

8. Click Add Record to save it or Cancel to step back:

9. If you have added the record, return to your Verify domain prompt in the platform:

10. If you choose to Close, the process will finalise without verifying the domain and you will have to repeat the process of verification again:

11. From there, you can also edit the soon-to-be authorised domain by clicking on the pencil symbol:

12. Alternatively, if you select Verify Domain, a confirmation window will appear. Click OK to proceed.

13. As we can see, the domain has been authorised as requested!

14. You can always delete a domain. To do so, click on the trash can button:

15. Select Delete to confirm your action or Cancel to maintain the domain.

16. If you’ve chosen to delete the domain, a confirmation prompt should pop up. Select OK to finalise!

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