Phish Prone Reports Guide

Phish Prone Reports Guide

In this article, we go over the available reports included in Phish Prone Reports. The phish prone score is generally calculated through a formula that takes as input all actions/mistakes made by recipients during a phishing campaign such as clicking on links, entering credentials, or opening attachments. Ultimately, the article covers the overall phish prone status of a company and later elaborates on a group and campaign level of reporting.

1. Navigate to Reports:


You should get the following output:

3. Let’s view the first option called Phish Prone Overview. To do this, press on the View Report button next to it:

As indicated, this report calculates the phish prone level of the organisation based on past and current campaigns to provide us with an overview throughout time. Of course, this risk factor fluctuates as employees come and go, but also improves or worsens based on their performance during Email Campaigns.

4. You may download the report for your own use. Just click on Export PDF:

It will essentially export a snapshot of the report into a PDF file format:

5. You can always click on the Go Back button to return to the previous directory:

6. Let’s move on to the next option of the Phish Prone Reports called Phish Prone by Group:

As we can see, this section provides a graph along with a table, and they display campaign statistics such as the number of recipients targeted by the campaigns, the campaigns’ phish prone percentages and more.

7. Additionally, we can filter the graph to draw specific results. To do that, just click on any of the available filtering values:

In this example, we are filtering out the Any Group value:

8. You can always visit a group by clicking on their name:

9. Finally, let’s visit the last report called Phish Prone by Campaigns:

10. Just like with groups, we can click on a Campaign to view its stats.

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