Risk Score Reports Guide

Risk Score Reports Guide

In this article, we cover all available reporting options of the Risk Score Reports. The risk score formula calculates accurately the risk of a recipient based on critical factors such as position in the company, training completed, phish prone level and data breaches. Furthermore, these reports go into detail about the overall organisation risk score and elaborate further on the riskiest recipients and groups.

1. Navigate to Reports:


You should get the following output:

3. Let’s view the first option called Organisation Risk Score. To do this, press on the View Report button next to it:

As we can see, the organisation risk score report provides graphs, table, and evaluation details that can help us distinguish the risk level of the organisation, as well as the contributing factors.

4. The Score Details section includes a brief literate observation to help us better understand the risk score status of the organisation.

5. You may download the report for your own use. Just click on Export PDF:

This will export a snapshot of the report into a PDF file format:

6. On the other hand, you can choose to Export Excel:

7. Otherwise, click on the Go Back button to return to the previous directory:

8. Moving on to the next option of the Risk Score Reports called Riskiest Recipients:

9. You can always visit a recipient’s profile by clicking on their name:

If you wish, you can navigate to the recipients article through this link.

10. Finally, let’s visit the last report called Riskiest Groups:

11. Just like with recipient profiles, we can visit a group by clicking on their name:

For further information about groups, follow this link to reach the appropriate article.

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