Course Editor v2

Course Editor Guide:

In this article, we explain the functionalities of the Course Editor. This builder allows organisations to create their own courses which can be used as part of Training Campaigns to enhance the security awareness of their personnel.

1. Navigate to Course Editor and click on the Add Course option:

You will be prompted with the following window:

2. Let’s enter some details to proceed such as the name and description as they are mandatory:

3. Click on Create:

4. On the confirmation prompt, select Create or Cancel accordingly:

5. If you have selected to Create, you will be displayed with a final prompt, just click OK to continue and a new web browser window will open to add content on your new course:

6. To start setting up a course with material, click on the Add an activity or resource option or the Add topic button(If you do not see such options click on the upper right corner the option Turn editing on):

7. Once you click on Add an activity or resource you will be presented with three options, to add a certificate, add interactive content and add SCORM package.

8. Interactive content is feasible using an add-on called H5P. On how to add such content follow the below link.

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